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Company Profile

  • Main recruiter and supplier of human resources to many of Kuwait's leading companies and government organizations.
  • A fully licensed and we recruit manpower from our Own Agencies in india, Bangladesh, Sri-Lank Nepal, Thailand, Egypt, Pakistan, Kenya, Romania, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Indonesia & Philippines with the required skills and experience for the specialized needs of our clients.

Service Guarantees


  • Recruits meet all required  medical standards and visa on entry requirements prior to departure from the country of origin, and after entry into Kuwait at no expense to our client.
  • Replacement of personnel who are found not to meet the standards of the job description as outlined contractually.
  • Payment to repatriate employees back to their country of origin if found nol to be suitable for employment by your company under the agreed contract standards and/ or job requirements.
  • We offer a minimum three quality control visit as per year to your company representatives and the option to visit the source countries to oversee selection of personnel as opposed to relying solely on CV's or Resumes.
  • No charge to your company for placing orders for manpower.
  • We promise to supply your respective establishment with the required labors within 45 days from the day of receiving the original Visa.

Our Expertise


Al-Shuaibah United Company for General Trading and Contracting had agencies to bring labors from East Asia and Africa.had construction agencies and bridges building in Arab Republic of Egypt and Republic of India.

Labor Provision

Drivers, labors for oil, construction, electric companies besides banks, hotels and other activities.and the company supplied 3,000 drivers for the American army and 1,000 ordinary workers.

Labor Management

Labor supply for the companies had government contracts. Within 11 years, the company presented its services successfully. It exceeds more than 200 Company. In 2011, the company directed to the international agencies besides its normal activity, also had 100 laborer to build bridges and others of administrators and supervisors.

Providing Labor Needs

Al-Shuaibah United Company for General Trading and Contracting Supplier Manpower with Management, accommodation, food, transportation and uniform. In case signing a contract with any company to supply 200 labors and above, SUC will provide for 3 persons to stay in 5-stars hotel, air ticket in first class and mobile SIM cards, in addition to providing hall to Interview with labors and meals during the interview.

Project Management

Signed a contract with the american KBR company that related to The Pentagon specialized in Oil in Iraq ( Al Basra region).

Tenders Committee

Al-Shuaibah United Company Agent for the egyptian contracting company ( Mukhtar Ibrahim). SUC Qualified Mukhtar Ibrahim for the large projects in the Ministry Of Public Works for the jobs costs 100 million and above. 

للـتـجــــارة الـعـامـــة والــمــقـــاولات

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